Wilson departs early with injury

Wilson departs early with injury

SEATTLE -- Mariners shortstop Jack Wilson, who beat out a bunt for a one-out single in the third inning, was forced to leave the game at the end of the frame Wednesday night because of discomfort behind his right knee.

But he was encouraged by how much better it felt after the game.

"They are thinking it might be scar tissue from when I injured it in Spring Training," he said. "That would be really, really good news."

Wilson advanced to second base on an infield out and spent a couple of minutes after the inning trying to get his hamstring loose so he could remain in the game. But he came off the field and was replaced by Josh Wilson.

Jack Wilson said he initially thought he had pulled a muscle, but that was ruled out.

"When I first came out of the game, it was pretty sore," he said, "but after walking around, it feels a little bit better. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow."

Wilson is hitting .253 with seven doubles and seven RBIs.