Seager finding his groove again after rare slump

Seager finding his groove again after rare slump

ARLINGTON -- Kyle Seager hasn't had many slumps this season, but the young Mariners third baseman again is showing he's adept at figuring out his problems and learning quickly as he's bounced back strong after coming out of an 0-for-21 run.

Seager ended his slump with a home run in Friday's 3-1 victory over the Rangers, then hit another homer in a 2-for-4 game on Saturday.

For Seager, it was a matter of tinkering slightly with his stance until he found a comfort zone again.

"I made an adjustment probably four games ago and it's still fairly new to me," he said. "The results obviously I can't complain about. But it's one of those things where the more at-bats I get, the more comfortable it will be. But it definitely feels good."

Seager said the biggest change was how he's holding his bat as the pitcher's movement begins.

"It's just creating a little more movement," he said. "I've changed it a few times this year, one being I started with the bat on my shoulder and then loaded from there. The next adjustment we made about a month ago was just to take it off my shoulder and this one is just creating a little more rhythm and trying to sync everything up."

Acting manager Robby Thompson said Seager's adjustments are very subtle, which is one of the keys to his ability to be so consistent.

"He doesn't make big changes," Thompson said. "He doesn't have to. He's got a pretty swing and he can flat-out hit. He's one of those guys that keeps it simple. And when he goes and looks at film and sees one little thing, he doesn't do an overhaul, he tinkers with it and makes subtle little changes.

"He did have the 0-for-21, which I don't think anyone in here even knew he was 0-for-21 just the way he goes about things so even-keeled. But when he does get hot, he can carry a club for a little bit."

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