Wedge happy for much-needed off-day

SEATTLE -- Mariners manager Eric Wedge won't miss April, at least not its scheduling. The Mariners had one -- count 'em, one -- off-day in the month on April 15. They opened on the road and after sets in Oakland and Chicago, the Mariners played on the season's first 14 days. Thursday's off-day to travel to Toronto ends a streak of games on 16 consecutive days, from Seattle to Arlington, Texas, to Houston and back.

"These guys need it," Wedge said of the day off. "They've fought through it, in tough fashion ... and now we are most definitely headed in the right direction.

"Now we are going to have some sensible time off, instead of the ridiculous time we didn't have off this past month."

Wedge said he's never had a month scheduled like that, at any level of baseball.

"No one has," he said.

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