Wedge sees progress by believing in process

Wedge sees progress by believing in process

SEATTLE -- Eric Wedge talks a lot about the process. The process for a team to go from cellar to contender. The process his Mariners need to follow to find success.

Even as the Mariners are wrapping up a season in which they will finish last in the American League West, the Seattle manager has not wavered in his belief in the process.

"I think that the toughest thing for people to understand is that when you talk about the process, which I talk about a lot, most people have a hard time seeing that," Wedge said. "Then you wake up one day and one of you guys will ask, 'Well, how did you get here?' What the hell man, you've been watching for two years, that's the process. You need to pay attention right now because you don't want to ask that question. If you pay attention right now, when we get there, then you'll understand it that much better."

Wedge admits different parts of the team take longer than others to go through the process. Pitching and defense have carried the Mariners this season, but the offense has lagged a bit. But even as painful as the offensive struggles may be, Wedge preaches patience and trust in the process.

The signs have been there, the second-year manager claims. Even if the numbers aren't as pretty as they could be, the progress is evident to Wedge. The next step, though, is for the consistency to kick in.

"We're on our way to being a complete team, which is what we need to be to be a championship caliber team and to be a championship caliber team for years to come," Wedge said. "We're going to do it in a holistic fashion. That's what I want, that's what we're going to be, that's the way it has to be."