Millwood, Wedge recall 9/11 experiences

Millwood, Wedge recall 9/11 experiences

Millwood, Wedge recall 9/11 experiences
TORONTO -- Like all Major League clubs, the Mariners wore a special hat on Tuesday with a United States flag on the left side to commemorate the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

Most of the young Mariners were still in school in 2001, but veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood was in his fifth season with the Atlanta Braves and recalls how life, including Major League Baseball, stopped as the nation watched in horror.

"I was home in Atlanta when it all happened," said the 37-year-old Millwood. "The neighbor across the street called and I turned on the TV. And [Braves manager] Bobby [Cox] called a little later and said the game was off. Then it was about a week we sat around, which was the right thing to do, without a doubt.

"When we started back up, we were in New York, so that was tough," he said. "The whole city was just different. You always expect New York to be bustling, high energy, and it was nothing even close to that, and it was totally understandable."

Mariners manager Eric Wedge was in Buffalo, having just finished up his season as skipper of the Indians' Triple-A club and preparing to fly to Cleveland when the terrorist attacks occurred.

"I was getting ready to join the big league club for September," Wedge said. "Of course, everything was off track after that. I ended up staying in Buffalo for a week and joining the club when things started back up.

"Everybody's life changed in one moment's time," said Wedge. "Nobody will ever forget that day or where they were, or just how personal it was to them."