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Capps acclimating to the Majors

Capps acclimating to the Majors

Capps acclimating to the Majors
SEATTLE -- Mariners rookie Carter Capps isn't used to throwing so many pitches, or different types of pitches, for that matter. But at the big league level, he's learned it takes more than just pumping fastballs to be successful.

"Everybody up here just battles so good," the flame-throwing 22-year-old said. "Usually you can get more quick outs in the Minors, I'd say, but here everybody's such good hitters, such good plate discipline, the at-bats are a little longer."

Capps quickly progressed through the Minors, making just one appearance at Triple-A before joining the Mariners. The right-hander worked as a closer in Double-A, pitching to, at most, four or five batters during an appearance. On Saturday, Capps went 2 1/3 innings and threw 40 pitches, the highest total in both categories during his 10-game Major League career.


"It's just fun because you got to throw all your pitches," he said. "You can go up there and throw all fastballs, [but] like I learned, eventually they're going to hit it. They're going to time it up and then it's just like batting practice."