Wedge sees Ackley at top of order in future

Wedge sees Ackley at top of order in future

SEATTLE -- Mariners manager Eric Wedge said he likes Dustin Ackley in the leadoff role, but can see him anywhere in the top three spots of the order.

Ackley has hit out of six spots in the lineup, but his 79 games as the leadoff hitter are more than any other place.

"Like I've said so many times, he's going to end up either one, two or three, depending on him and everybody else, in regard to how it all plays out and how we all eventually settle in," Wedge said. "I think when it's said and done, he's going to be a good hitter. He's going to be a guy that's going to hit with a little bit of power, he's going to hit for extra bases, he's going to have the ability to steal the base, the ability to see some pitches. Those are all positive things up top."

Ackley has struggled this season, hitting .230 with a team-leading 112 strikeouts, but he also leads the team with 51 walks and is successful in 13 of his 16 stolen-base attempts. The second baseman also has hit 10 home runs and has 48 RBIs. Despite the glimpse of power, it's not what concerns Wedge.

"Again, I think it's important to say that's not the priority," Wedge said. "It's about him hitting and getting on base and scoring runs. As he continues to develop as a hitter, the power will come, too."