Manning first base likely in Montero's future

Manning first base likely in Montero's future

SEATTLE -- Will Mariners fans see Jesus Montero at first base this year? No, most likely not. But that doesn't mean they won't see him there in the future.

"That is something I have talked to him about in regards to this offseason and working and next spring -- I think that's more realistic," manager Eric Wedge said. "I think it's more fair to him. We're still looking to put [together] the best ballclub we can. I like the dynamic to where you got three different ways to get him in the lineup, if you're talking about catcher, first base and DH."

Wedge said Montero will have to work on both fundamentals and conditioning during the offseason, and the team will send him off with a plan in place.

The Mariners also will address running with Montero -- speed isn't among his strengths -- specifically working on his form.

"I think that more players are doing that," Wedge said. "I think that's not just conditioning, whether it be agility or flexibility or running, or whatever it may be.

"You use whatever avenues you need to get done what you need to get done. It's just too important, it's your career."