Last six weeks of season important to Mariners

Last six weeks of season important to Mariners

SEATTLE -- The Mariners have been in last place in the American League West for most of the season, with a losing record to go along with their place in the cellar. Don't tell manager Eric Wedge that the last six weeks of the season don't mean anything, though.

"Every game means something," he said. "I've never understood when people, quote unquote, 'Think you're out of it.' They don't think the games mean anything. This is the big leagues. You guys are still showing up every day, you get paid to do your job, people are paying their hard-earned money to come watch us play, it's in the paper every day. It's real. It's important.

"People are a little bit happier when we win and a little less happier when we lose. Everything that we're doing is going to lead to something great at some point in time. It all matters."

Wedge calls July and August the toughest months of the season. With the finish line ahead, it can be easy to mail it in. That's not how the Mariners have played, though. They are 21-13 since the All-Star break, good enough for the second-best record in the American League.

Even still, Wedge is concerned with success at the moment. As the team builds toward the future, he does not want to abandon the current team.

"I look at today. Winning today is all I concern myself with right now," Wedge said. "I reflect on the last two games, I reflect on the last couple series, I reflect on post-All-Star break, I look back at where we were in Spring Training, I look back at where we were last year and I consider where we want to be next year. I'm not looking for a, quote unquote, 'Definition of where we are.' I know where we are, that's all that matters."