Robinson showing off his speed

Robinson showing off his speed

SEATTLE -- Trayvon Robinson had played in 10 Major League games this season entering Tuesday's game against the Rays, but he hadn't showcased his true speed until recently.

In his past three games, Robinson has two steals and his first career triple. Mariners manager Eric Wedge said he's seen improvement from the young outfielder on the basepaths.

"I think he trusts himself a little bit more, I think he's out there with a little bit more confidence," Wedge said. "His athleticism has showed up. A couple of the stolen bases have been impressive.

"It's a combination of both. I think the technique kind of fell into place once he started to trust himself a little bit more, and [he's] a little bit more confident out there. That's when your true athleticism comes into place, again going back to being tension-free and being able to settle in out there."

Robinson is hitting .243 with two doubles, a triple, three stolen bases and six runs in 37 at-bats. The 24-year-old made his Major League debut last season and hit .210 with 12 doubles, two home runs and one stolen base in 44 games.