Mariners' spirits rise as wins pile up

Mariners' spirits rise as wins pile up

SEATTLE -- The wins are piling up for the Mariners, and you can bet they're having fun.

The Mariners, who took a six-game winning streak into Wednesday's series finale against the Blue Jays, have come out on top in 12 of their last 16 games and have won four of their last five series. This all coming from a team that has occupied the cellar of the American League West for the majority of the year.

"We've just been happy, just trying to score runs, trying to play hard baseball and it's fun," Felix Hernandez said. "It's kind of contagious. We're just playing together and we're doing the little things. We're winning games."

Winning makes it easier to have fun, and having fun makes winning easier. As the club has success, bonds grow between teammates, Dustin Ackley said.

"Everybody really enjoys everybody else," Ackley said. "I think when you have that chemistry, I think that really helps. That might be hard to believe, but I think when everybody's got that feeling of, 'OK, if I don't get it done, the next guy's going to get it done,' and that kind of mentally. I think that's where we're at right now.

The benefits are showing up on the field, but it's also visible in the clubhouse. The team held a beer shower for Brendan Ryan after he finally climbed over the Mendoza line on Tuesday, the hoots and hollers echoing down the hallway.