Peguero doesn't get cheated at plate

Peguero doesn't get cheated at plate

SEATTLE -- It's one of the joys of any Mariners batting practice these days, and an occasional reason to gasp once the game starts. Seattle outfielder Carlos Peguero, to put it lightly, swings hard. Probably as hard as anyone in the Major Leagues.

And when Peguero makes solid contact, with that swing and his 6-foot-5, 245-pound frame behind it, the ball goes a long way.

Manager Eric Wedge was asked before Sunday's game if he'd ever seen a player swing as hard as Peguero does. He nodded and laughed a bit.

"Yeah, I've seen a few of 'em do it," Wedge said. "Oh, I don't know. [Former longtime big league outfielder Ryan] Klesko didn't get cheated. I remember that. [Gary] Sheffield didn't get cheated. Vladimir [Guerrero]. There are guys out there."

When asked if the sheer brute force of his swing could confidently get Peguero, who has one home run this season, mentioned in the same sentence with those players, who hit a combined 1,236 home runs in the Majors, Wedge laughed again.

"Well, for the swing," Wedge said. "But he's not in that category. Not yet, anyway."