Kelley back after missing 14-inning game

Kelley back after missing 14-inning game

ST. PETERSBURG -- As Mariners reliever Shawn Kelley lay in his hotel bed on Friday night, sent home by the team's trainers to get over a sudden illness, he couldn't help but watch the game playing out at Tropicana Field several miles away.

On the night they were short a reliever, the Mariners went through all their available pitchers in the 14-inning game and had catcher Miguel Olivo warming in the bullpen when the Rays finally pushed across the winning run for a 4-3 victory.

"I was trying not to watch so I could get some rest," Kelley said Saturday after rejoining the team. "But I kept thinking, 'Well, I'll just watch the next inning. And the next inning.' And then they said Miggy might come in, so I wanted to watch that. But then I slept til about 1:30 this afternoon, so I did get my rest."

Kelley said he felt much better Saturday and is available to pitch. He knows he might be needed to bail out the overworked bullpen but was still cursing his bad timing with missing the team's longest game this season.

"Of course it happens that way," he said. "Everybody pitches and now the position player is going to pitch and it's the one game I'm not there. I was hoping for 6-7 innings for [Hishashi] Iwakuma, then use one or two relievers and nobody even notices I'm not there.

"But of course, when I'm not there we go through the whole staff and everybody is looking down at the bullpen wondering where I am."