Seager continues to come through in the clutch

Seager continues to come through in the clutch

OAKLAND -- Kyle Seager has been Mr. Clutch throughout the first half for the Mariners, delivering 29 of the team's 113 two-out RBIs heading into Sunday's series finale with the A's.

That number puts him among some pretty select company in Mariners history, as he's tied for sixth for the most two-out RBIs heading into the All-Star break.

Jim Presley (1986) and Richie Sexson ('05) had 34 two-out RBIs by the break, while Alvin Davis ('84) and Ken Griffey Jr. ('99) had 33. Edgar Martinez is fifth on the list with 32 in 2000. Seager is tied with Jay Buhner ('97), Griffey ('97) and Willie Horton ('79) with his 29.

The young third baseman said it's simply a matter of keeping things simple in critical situations.

"When you've got two outs and guys in scoring position, you're really trying to stay in the middle of the field and not do too much necessarily," said Seager, who leads the Mariners with 52 total RBIs. "That's been kind of the key. Not trying to do too much, just putting a good swing on the ball."