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Barry Switzer drops in on Mariners

Barry Switzer drops in on Mariners

Barry Switzer drops in on Mariners
ARLINGTON -- Legendary football coach Barry Switzer was in the Mariners clubhouse before Monday's game and spent some time with manager Eric Wedge, some of the team's coaches and veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood.

Many of the younger Mariners weren't familiar with the 74-year-old coach, who retired from the Dallas Cowboys in 1997. One who did was pitcher Blake Beavan, who grew up in Texas.

"I didn't get to meet him, but just seeing him was good enough," said Beavan, who played high school football in Irving, Texas, from 2004-07.


Wedge said it was the first chance he'd had to meet the man who won three NCAA championships at Oklahoma.

"I was proud to meet him," Wedge said. "It was a pleasure. I learned a great deal about him when I was at Wichita State and he was at OU. We had a lot of guys in Wichita from the state of Oklahoma, and Barry was bigger than anybody in that part of the country. And rightfully so, with all the success he had at OU. He's always been a very vibrant personality. He's a winner."