Wedge open to talk of moving Safeco fences

Wedge open to talk of moving Safeco fences

SEATTLE -- After the Mariners hit two deep drives to the wall that were hauled in by Rangers center fielder Josh Hamilton in Tuesday's 3-1 loss, manager Eric Wedge was asked about the potential of the Safeco Field fences someday being brought in.

Wedge reiterated the stance the club made last offseason, that the idea has been discussed and will continue to be evaluated with input from general manager Jack Zduriencik and the rest of the front office.

"Jack and I talk every day," Wedge said. "Jack talks to the powers that be on a daily basis. When the season is done, we're going to talk about everything. And I mean everything, both on and off the field, in regard to the field and anything surrounding that. I'll leave it at that.

"The longer I'm here -- nothing is going to happen this season, obviously -- but it allows me to give it another four months to take a peek at it, too. I have my thoughts, of which I will not let you in on, but it's safe to say we'll evaluate everything when the season is over."

Wedge did say the club can't allow the deep fences to "be a crutch" when the team struggles offensively.

"There are no excuses here," he said. "These players are young enough and tough enough now where they're going to be able to handle anything that comes their way. Having said that, they're human. If there's a ball you hit right on the screws and it's right at the third baseman or one you hit you feel is gone and they grab it, you're going to have human moments. I accept that."