Riggleman not anticipating changes

Riggleman not anticipating changes

KANSAS CITY -- While the players rest these next few days, the powers behind the Mariners will discuss what moves they need to make for their team to compete in the second half.

Manager Jim Riggleman and general manager Lee Pelekoudas plan on meeting over the All-Star break to talk about what Riggleman called "options." But despite Seattle's 36-58 record, Riggleman likes what he's seen out of the team recently.

"I don't really anticipate a lot of changes," Riggleman said. "I really don't. ... I don't feel we'll move people just to move people. Some of the higher profile players teams are looking for, they're not going to be moved unless we are just overwhelmed with something you have to listen to."

Some of the higher profile names that have been tossed around in rumors include Raul Ibanez, Erik Bedard and Adrian Beltre.

Riggleman, though, said he didn't want to trade away players when the team is on the verge of being complete for the first time this season.

He pointed toward several players coming back from injuries as a reason not to give up on this group yet. Felix Hernandez returned on Friday night, Miguel Batista and J.J. Putz should be back soon and Riggleman is hoping even Bedard could return soon after the break.

This last week has been rough on the Mariners. They've lost six games by two runs or less. But before that, Seattle had a stretch in which it won seven of nine games. That small run of success, plus the impending return of some key players is enough for Riggleman to want to hold off making over the roster for now.

"It would really be interesting to see what we could do if we have the whole group," Riggleman said. "It's been that way since April, and I don't think we really know what we have this year until we get it all out here. You hate to abandon it too quickly."

Mark Dent is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.