Wedge will rotate designated hitters

Wedge will rotate designated hitters

SEATTLE -- Kyle Seager received his first-career start at designated hitter on Friday. The Mariners' regular third baseman said he couldn't remember a specific instance when he was a DH in the Minor Leagues, but did it a few times in college.

"It's a little different mindset, you have to keep yourself in the game," Seager said. "A lot of guys get on the treadmill or just get running around and keep the blood flowing. There's cages down below, so I'll definitely be swinging and everything to try and stay in there."

Seager's insertion into the lineup as the DH stems from a couple reasons. Jesus Montero has been a mainstay at DH this season, but will assume more catching duties while Miguel Olivo is on the disabled list. But it's also the product of manager Eric Wedge trying to get more than nine players time in the field.

"Somebody's got to DH," Wedge said. "I want to play them all in the field, so you're going to see a lot of them mixing in and out of the DH spot. There's no rhyme or reason to it, outside of I want to get [Alex] Liddi at third, I want to get Seager at third, I want to get Seager at second. Liddi's going to bounce around, he's going to end up in the outfield one of these days.

"We'll mix and match with the DH spot. That's the luxury you have without having an everyday DH."