Delabar challenges Saunders' homer memory

Delabar challenges Saunders' homer memory

Delabar challenges Saunders' homer memory
TORONTO -- Michael Saunders was trying to recall the last time he'd hit a grand slam before Friday night's 10th-inning game winner against the Blue Jays and his mind clicked to a 2007 Class A Minor League contest when he beat none other than current teammate Steve Delabar with a game-winning blast.

But Delabar, who was pitching for the Padres' Lake Elsinore team at the time, recalled a slightly different version.

"OK," said Delabar. "He did a hit a home run off me. I don't think it was a grand slam, though. And he didn't even know until I told him he hit a home run off me when I met up with him in Triple-A last year."

That led to some renewed ribbing between the two and some research that revealed Saunders actually hit a solo home run on May 22, 2007, in the ninth inning for High Desert to beat Delabar, the walk-off shot being his second home run of the day.

"My mistake," Saunders laughed. "It wasn't a grand slam. But it was a walk-off and I'll take that any day."

Delabar wasn't letting go that easily, though.

"Tell him to make sure there has to be guys on base to call it a grand slam. The Canadian exchange rate doesn't work that way," he said of his Victoria, B.C., teammate. "And it was in High Desert. It was basically windblown. It wouldn't have been out in any other ballpark.

"In fact, if I'm telling the story, he popped out."