Liddi to see time in the outfield

Liddi to see time in the outfield

Liddi to see time in the outfield
TORONTO -- Rookie Alex Liddi was back in the lineup for a fifth straight game on Friday as manager Eric Wedge continued taking a long look at the youngster from Italy.

Liddi is 7-for-17 over his last four games with two home runs and four RBIs and Wedge said he'd get a shot in the outfield at some point after playing only first and third base thus far in the season.

Liddi has been tracking balls and taking some flies in the outfield in batting practice recently, though he was at third base again on Friday in place of Kyle Seager.

"At some point in time, we'll have him out there in left field," Wedge said. "He goes all over the place. First, second, short, third and he's been in the outfield, too."

At 6-foot-4, 230 pounds, Liddi is a large 23-year-old with some impressive power. But Wedge said he's versatile enough to play in the outfield.

"You see him on the basepaths," Wedge said. "He can steal a base for you. He cuts corners well, he's a good worker and, for his size, he's very athletic.

"I just keep saying, his whole game is shorter [this year]. His actions at third are shorter and more crisp and I think you see the same thing at home plate."

But the Mariners are also high on Seager, who is hitting .267 with one home run and seven RBIs in 60 at-bats. He'll be back in the lineup Saturday against Blue Jays right-hander Brandon Morrow.

"I talked with Seager. I wanted to play him yesterday and today, too," said Wedge. "But you can only throw nine out there and we've got other things going on with other players we've got to navigate through right now. But we'll have him back out there tomorrow. He understands that.

"I was looking to give him a couple days anyway, just because he was starting to get a little long [with his swing]. This gives him a chance to work on it. Plus we've got other guys getting it done, so you ride that a little bit and give them some opportunities. Especially when you're talking about younger players that have an ability to gain some confidence like a lot of these guys have the last couple days."