Autograph seekers line streets to meet Mariners

Autograph seekers line streets to meet Mariners

TOKYO -- The Mariners might have thought they'd go unrecognized in Tokyo, but that quickly proved false as autograph seekers surrounded numerous players as they headed out of their hotel to see the sights on Saturday morning.

Outfielder Casper Wells found himself signing for a large group on a street corner about a block from the New Otani hotel, with some of the fans presenting baseball cards of each player.

"That's cool that they know you," Wells said. "It was definitely unexpected, being someplace like this. I don't even know if I have that many autograph seekers from Schenectady (N.Y.), where I'm from."

Pitcher Blake Beavan and third baseman Kyle Seager were among those mobbed as they came out of the hotel entrance. And Felix Hernandez was still marveling at the huge flock of cameras and media people stationed at the Narita Airport when the Mariners got off their plane on Friday.

"I was impressed, for real," Hernandez said. "That was a lot of people. A lot different than in the U.S."