Robinson ribbed for high-fiving fan

Robinson ribbed for high-fiving fan

Robinson ribbed for high-fiving fan
SEATTLE -- A playful tip to Trayvon Robinson from his teammates: Make sure you save some high-fives for your teammates.

The rookie left fielder was the subject of a few dugout jokes after his athletic catch along the third-base foul line in Friday's 4-2 loss to Chicago. Robinson reached over the short wall on the third-base side to reel in a foul pop, and when he looked up, there was a young fan wearing a Chicago White Sox jersey wanting a high-five.

"I made the catch, and it was like, 'Hey, what's up, man?" Robinson said. "I just gave him a high-five."

Then came the good-natured jabs in the dugout.

"They told me, 'We noticed you gave a couple high-fives to the other guys before you gave it to us. Just make sure you give us a high-five,'" Robinson recalled. "That was pretty funny."

But isn't it hard to turn down a congratulatory high-five from a kid?

"When you got a 12-year-old boy up putting his hand up, well, yeah," manager Eric Wedge said. "At least he didn't take any of his popcorn like we've seen guys do in the past."

Though Robinson has made three errors in 17 games, the skipper has been pleased with his attitude.

"He's still learning," Wedge said. "He's made a couple of great plays and a couple of easy errors where he's looked up a little bit quick. I [could] tell early on that he's hard on himself -- we got to help him with that a little bit, but that's OK. You'd rather have that than the other. He's a good kid, athletic and got some strength to him. There is a lot to be said with what we have with Tray."