Trayvon causes uproar after first home run

Trayvon causes uproar after first home run

Trayvon causes uproar after first home run
ANAHEIM -- Rookie outfielder Trayvon Robinson made just one obvious mistake in his first two games in the big leagues, and it's one the Mariners can live with. The youngster momentarily stopped at second base after hitting his first home run Saturday night off of the Angels' Tyler Chatwood, causing considerable uproar among his teammates.

Robinson didn't think he'd cleared the fence in left-center with his seventh-inning line drive, and geared down at second base until umpire Jerry Meals circled him around the rest of the way.

"That was wild. I couldn't believe it," Robinson said. "When I got to second base I thought, good, I hit a double because I'd only hit nine in the Minors this year so I figured that got me to double digits. Then I saw the umpire wave his hand and I was like, 'OK, that's even sweeter.'

"With two strikes, I was just trying to put a good swing on it. I put a good pass on it, it jumped off the bat and thought I was in scoring position. When it went over the gate I was shocked."

Manager Eric Wedge, who started five rookies in Saturday's 5-1 win, figures all his youngsters are learning on the job. And, yeah, that kind of mistake he'll gladly live with from his promising new outfielder.

"He said he thought it might have bounced over," Wedge said with a chuckle. "He had his head down and running and that's good. Those are all good things. He'll know in time when he hits it out of the ballpark. We won't have to worry about that."

Robinson also made a highlight-reel catch to rob Torii Hunter of a home run on Friday night.

"He's been impressive here," said Wedge. "He's really made an immediate impact on our club. He has some weapons."