Wright says players are sticking together

Wright says players are sticking together

NEW YORK -- Mariners reliever Jamey Wright has been on eight teams in his 16 years in the Major Leagues, but he's never been through anything quite like the 17-game losing streak that so swiftly changed the fortunes of a club that had been battling for first place three weeks earlier.

"This is the same team. It's not any different," he said. "Just the games we were finding ways to win, now we're losing. Our pitching was really good. Now we're getting down 5-0 or whatever, and it makes it a lot tougher."

Wright says the players have stuck together and are maintaining as positive an attitude as can be mustered under the circumstances.

"I don't think anybody is looking for tall buildings or bridges to go up on top of yet," he said. "There are plenty around here. If you wanted to do that, this would be the place to find one. But everyone seems to still be in pretty good spirits. It's a brand new day and hopefully we'll get one under our belts today."

And once the Mariners get one, he suspects the club will get back to playing like it had been before things went south.

"I don't see us winning one game and then losing 12 more," Wright said. "I'm not saying we'll rattle off 20 in a row or go to the World Series, but once we get that one under our belt, everyone can take a deep breath and then going back to doing what we do, which is playing good baseball."