Wedge: Vets staying positive despite sitting

Wedge: Vets staying positive despite sitting

SEATTLE -- You've probably noticed a recent lack of "Jack" in the Seattle lineup, and you aren't alone. Mariner vets Jack Cust and Jack Wilson have been somewhat of the odd men out in the past few weeks.

As recent callup Dustin Ackley looks like the everyday starter at second base, Wilson has just seven starts in 23 games this month. Cust, meanwhile, has eight starts, and is just 3-for-22 in June.

But while their playing time has been reduced, neither has complained or shown a bad attitude.

"It's been tough for both of them, but they've maintained good attitudes," Seattle manager Eric Wedge said. "You guys have seen it. I believe in giving opportunity. But at certain points in time, you got to make adjustments and make some changes -- and that's what we've tried to do."

But the door has yet to be closed. And just because both Cust and Wilson haven't seen much playing time, they could be one game-winning home run or RBI away from seeing more starts.

"I don't expect them to like not playing, but that's why you got to keep coming to the ballpark," Wedge said. "With one entry or one opportunity that you take advantage of, it can change real quick."