Kelley undergoes new surprise surgery

Kelley undergoes new surprise surgery

SEATTLE -- Reliever Shawn Kelley was supposed to have his second career Tommy John surgery on his ailing right elbow when he visited the clinic of noted Los Angeles orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum on Aug. 31.

He went under from the anesthesia, woke up and ...

"I was looking around and I couldn't find any other incisions from them taking another graft," Kelley said from the Mariners' clubhouse on Thursday. "I was just kind of still out of it, and I was like, 'What happened?' [Yocum] was like, 'Hey, the ligament was in good shape. We just needed to do a couple of things and reattach it and clean it up in there, and that's what we did.'

"They used the [ulnar collateral ligament] that was in there, and they kind of shaved down the part that was fraying off the bone and kind of reattached it to the old holes from the original Tommy John. They said it was a relatively new procedure that they had never done."

Kelley said since then, he's been doing range-of-motion and grip strength exercises plus working out his legs, running and doing standard cardiovascular conditioning. He hopes to be ready for Spring Training.

And he's a bit of a medical pioneer, as it turns out. When asked if the doctors had a name for the previously untested procedure, he laughed.

"Hopefully Shawn Kelley surgery," he said.