Seattle's Lopez hopes to play final series

Seattle's Lopez hopes to play final series

ARLINGTON -- Mariners third baseman Jose Lopez, who dislocated the middle finger on his right hand while trying to field a ground ball on Tuesday night, said he hopes the digit heals fast enough for him to play during the final series of the regular season.

"It feels better today, and I think maybe I can DH on Saturday or Sunday," said Lopez as he soaked the finger in a paper cup prior to Wednesday afternoon's series finale against the Rangers.

Lopez said he knew immediately that the finger was dislocated and not broken by a ball Nelson Cruz hit at him in the sixth inning.

He walked off the field and into the training room, where the finger was put back into place.

"Lopey came back into the dugout with his glove asking if there was a re-entry rule," interim manager Daren Brown said. "It's a little sore today, and I don't see him playing in the field for the next five days.

"Making throws would be a little bit painful. One thing we can do is wait a couple of days and see if he can swing a bat. We might be able to DH him in the next few days."