Aardsma gets another 'A'

Aardsma gets another 'A'

SEATTLE -- The picture of a baseball leaving his hand, sailing over the second baseman's head and landing in center field was a difficult thing for Mariners closer David Aardsma to get out of his mind.

He uncorked the mother of wild throws trying to nail White Sox third baseman Omar Vizquel, who had walked and prematurely ran to second base when Aardsma was in his stretch. The pitcher turned, saw Vizquel stop in his tracks, and made a really high throw to second base.

And so, when Aardsma began the ninth inning against the Rangers on Wednesday night with a one-run lead, he knew the best way to prevent something like that happening again was not to let anyone reach base.

"I was mad at myself the other day," he said. "If something like that happens [Wednesday night], it might be a difference between walking off shaking hands or walking off with our heads down."

Aardsma did well for someone who had not pitched in a save situation since July 25 and only twice since June 22. He retired all three Rangers he faced for his 19th save in 23 chances this season.

"I like to think that every outing is a save situation," he said. "I am going out there with the same approach, no matter what the score is. Obviously, you know the score, but how you throw shouldn't matter."